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​Owned and operated by local Kylie Stevens, Agnes Water Seafood was established in 2017 with the aim of bringing fresh, premium seafood to the idyllic coastal towns of Agnes Water and 1770.

While the seafood industry is increasingly turning to lower quality imported and farmed product, Kylie wanted to buck the trend, source locally and focus on premium wild-caught product. As a result, Agnes Water Seafood proudly stocks only Australian seafood, with the vast majority sourced from Queensland, supporting the region’s dedicated fishers and contributing to a thriving, sustainable local fishing industry.

​With Kylie’s focus on best-practice and thanks to the exceptional quality of its products and competitive prices, Agnes Water Seafood has grown a broad customer base of local residents and regular visitors, and is popular amongst Agnes Water’s growing tourist trade. Agnes Water Seafood is also a proud supplier of local businesses, including Latino’s Cafe and Secret Dinner catering.

Learn more about Agnes Water Seafood in the FAQs below or simply come on down and have a chat!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time are you open?

See our opening days and hours on our Contact Us page.

Stock is limited each day and closing times apply unless sold out earlier.

Best to get in early just in case we sell out of your favourites!

What do you have available?

You’ll find a selection of products in our online shop and even more in-person.

We work with local fishers to source fresh, wild-caught product. Consequently, stock is seasonal and varies from day to day. We will always have a range of seafood on board including fish, prawns and oysters.

How fresh is your stock?

We prepare fresh stock each morning.

By the time we open, we’ve often been working for six hours so that we can bring you the freshest product possible!

To maintain the freshness of your product, we strongly recommend purchasing or bringing an ice pack and cooler bag or esky. Check out our Seafood Guide for more information on proper seafood handling and storage.

Do you sell sashimi grade fish?

Yes, absolutely! Our stock is fresh and most of our fish can be supplied sashimi grade.

If ordering online, please specify if this is your preference in an order note as you checkout or come speak to us in-person so we can ensure a product fresh enough for your needs.

Do you sell imported seafood?

No, Agnes Water Seafood sells only Australian product.

The vast majority of our product comes from Queensland, including all our wild-caught fish, and we will always try to source product from the immediate area. Where we cannot find a product or quality supplier in the immediate area, we may look further afield, for example, from a little further up the Queensland Coast or, at a push, to other States, including for cold-water species, such as oysters and mussels.

Our product will always come from Australia and it will always be sourced from fishers that we believe have fully compliant, safe, sustainable and ethical practices. We track the provenance of the product to ensure that it is fresh, local and correctly labelled and we identify the origin on our website (in the Seafood Guide and shop listing).

Imported seafood now makes up approximately 60-70% of all edible seafood in Australia. While it can sometimes be cheaper, we don’t believe it compares in terms of taste or quality. Imported seafood can also present a biosecurity risk, be contaminated, poorly handled or sourced using destructive or exploitative fishing practices.

We proudly support our Australian fishery and we encourage all our customers to ask where their seafood comes from!

Do you sell farmed seafood?

With the exception of oysters and mussels, which are sustainably ocean-farmed in Australia, we do not stock or support farmed seafood.

The quality tends to be poorer when compared to wild-caught product and we do not believe that the practices are ethical or safe at this stage. This is due to various widely reported issues including high stocking rates contributing to disease, deformities, nutritional deficiencies, poor water quality, the use of various chemicals, which have been found to leave residue in the fish, and inhumane slaughter practices. All these factors affect the wellbeing, health and ultimately taste of the seafood (and potentially your health too) and this kind of farming can have significant environmental impacts.

The fish, prawns, squid, crabs and bugs we sell live wild and free in their natural environment, eating a varied diet, before being fished quickly and as humanely as possible. This leads to a markedly superior seafood product in terms of taste, nutrition and presentation.

Oysters and mussels are the only farmed products we stock and support. The practice of ocean-farming these seafood products in Australia is highly sustainable and may even have a beneficial environmental impact. Cultured oysters also provide a flavour and consistency of product that wild-caught oysters do not. We source from providers who culture in some of the cleanest waters in Australia to ensure a high quality product.

Do you stock Atlantic Salmon?

Atlantic salmon is not a native Australian fish and, while it is currently farmed in Tasmania, we do not support their farming practices. Fish health (e.g. spinal deformities due to dietary deficiencies), fish waste, cruelty to seals, an influx of algae, destruction of the marine environment and a lack of regulation are just some of the concerns surrounding the farmed salmon industry.

We will always support local first and can recommend a range of local alternatives.

However, if you are looking specifically for Atlantic Salmon, come in and speak to us or send us a message through our webform. We know this is a popular product so have developed a relationship with a reputable supplier in Europe and should be able to organise high quality, wild-caught fillet for you.

Can you supply a large, whole fish for a special occasion?

While we generally focus on fillet and smaller whole fish, which tend to be more popular on an everyday basis, we can source larger fish.

If you have a special occasion coming up, get in touch with us via the Contact Us page. We will speak to some of our dedicated fishers and try to source a fish that meets your needs.

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